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Android Plugins part 5: Google AdMob

Building on all the previous tutorials, we are going to put everything we have learned to the test by integrating Google AdMob into our test project. Since it is currently one of the most popular ways to monetize your game, we will be looking at video rewards specifically.

Simple Setup Guide to ODE Cars

Cars are among the most complex physics objects you can create in your game. Although you only need 4 joints, the number of variations on suspension, engine power, friction, and so on are nearly endless. Before you can experiment with your car to find the perfect balance, you first need to understand how to set

Tables with tables in tables

ShiVa is a C++ engine with a Lua scripting interface. While this works great for calling API functions, it does have its pitfalls when it comes to organizing and storing data. Since tables are the main (in fact, the only) data structuring mechanism in Lua, these pitfalls become especially apparent when trying to combine ShiVa

ShiVa Lua unlocked Pt.2: Editor DLL modules

Modules for the ShiVa 2.0 Editor are written in Lua (logic) and XML (UI). With far over 2000 Editor API functions and constants, you can write very sophisticated modules with the Editor Lua API alone. Although from time to time, you might run into C/C++ code that does exactly what you need for your ShiVa

ShiVa Lua unlocked Pt.1: tables, os, io

At its core, ShiVa is a C++ engine which also allows developers to use Lua directly inside the editor for easy coding. ShiVa has an extensive API with over 5000 functions and constants to choose from. Most of them are covered in our documentation. To make the Lua interface possible, ShiVa ships with a complete