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ShiVa Environments pt.1: Local Save Data

With every larger game that cannot be completed in one sitting, there comes a point when you should offer your users to save their progress and come back later to continue their playthrough. There are several methods you could use, like managed cloud saves, XML, JSON, or an online database of your own design, however

Simple Setup Guide to ODE Cars

Cars are among the most complex physics objects you can create in your game. Although you only need 4 joints, the number of variations on suspension, engine power, friction, and so on are nearly endless. Before you can experiment with your car to find the perfect balance, you first need to understand how to set

FOV, Aspect Ratio and HUDs

Developing cross platform games confronts you with a large number of operating systems, processor architectures, graphics APIs and input methods. But don’t forget about all the different screen sizes, orientations and aspect ratios, which you need to take into account for FOV and HUD design!

ShiVa Multitouch explained

Ever since the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone world, multitouch has been a staple technology that allows users to interface with their mobile devices through simple taps and swiping gestures. Multitouch support has also been a part of ShiVa ever since version 1.6 many, many years ago. However, the behaviour of the touch handlers might surprise

Masking Bits and Categories

Masking bits and categories were introduced in ShiVa 1.9.1, but very few developers know how to use them effectively. This tutorial video shows you the basics to get you started.