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Slack Chat

Do you want to talk to the developers and other ShiVa users like you? Join the ShiVa User Group on! Signup is completely free. And “someone is always online to help you”!

Signup process

Slack_IconThe ShiVa 3D User Chat on is an invitation-only chat. In order to participate, you need to send an E-Mail to

slackchat (at) shiva (minus) engine (dot) com

and ask for an invite to the channel

Behaviour Guidelines

Being on the chat is a privilege, not a right. Be nice to your fellow developers. Do not say anything to them in chat you would not repeat face to face.


There are currently 2 rooms in our chat channel, #lobby and #support. Feel free to chat off-topic in #lobby, but stick to support questions in #support.

Chat language

ShiVa users come from everywhere in the world and speak a wide variety of languages. The chat, forum, email traffic, etc. however aims to be English-only for the simple reasons that nearly everyone speaks it to some degree. And while you certainly will not get booted for chatting in another language or seriously broken English in #lobby, don’t be surprised if you receive little to no answers. In #support however, English is mandatory.

Speaking your mind

We have a room for that, it’s called #lobby. Remember however where you are, this is a game developer chat. If you feel the need to discuss god and politics, there are undoubtedly better venues for that.


Let us know if you just launched a new ShiVa-powered game or plugin on our store! Keep it to yourself though if you just launched a game made with a different engine or new range of vacuum cleaners.


Collection of frequently asked questions regarding our chat

Do I have to be ShiVa licensee to join?

No, just an active member of the community. Using the ShiVa Web edition will be enough.

Do I have to pay to join the chat?

No, and anyone who claims otherwise is scamming you.

Why not Skype or IRC?

Skype was our previous chat platform, however it had its problems over the years with long latency, not letting users sign in, and device/OS compatibility. IRC has difficulties with archives, offline message backlogs and file sharing. Slack was build for development teams, is available on everything with a web browser and has all the features we currently need.

Why do I have to use the invite system?

Because we want the chat to be safe, clean, and manageable. Since we are attaching our own mail address and credentials to this chatroom, we are also somewhat responsible for its quality.

Why can’t I invite friends to this chatroom?

Please tell your friends to apply for an invite using our slackchat (at) shiva (minus) engine (dot) com address like everybody else. No shortcuts.

What if I need more help?

Try our other support resources, which include official documentation, the knowledge base/WIKI, a bugtracker, tutorials and a support form.

Is this chat owned by ShiVa Technologies SAS?

The chat runs on, which is not related to or affiliated with ShiVa Technologies SAS. If you experience technical problems with the chat, there is only so much we can do. We are however owner of the channel.

Who are the admins?

There are no admins or channel owners in the chat, only the superuser ShiVa Chatmaster (slackchat).

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