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ShiVa3D game wins $50,000

Parrott used ShiVa3D engine to create the 3D fantasy RPG, set in a time of magic and dragons, in which your hero must take on a number of quests in order to prove himself and fulfill his destiny. The game is populated with many magical creatures, including goblins, golems, and fairies. Your character can train as a warrior, archer, or mage in order to vary the gameplay and test his diverse skills.

An experienced artist, programmer and musician, Parrott wanted to create a true 3D RPG for mobile devices. He turned to ShiVa3D as a cost-effective 3D engine that would enable him to pull together the disparate elements of the game and make porting to different devices as smooth and efficient as possible.
In the end, Crusade Of Destiny took seven months to complete from the initial inspiration to publication. Parrott reckons he spent two weeks learning how to use ShiVa3D and that its integration saved him many programming hours.

“In my opinion ShiVa3D is the perfect development engine because it enables you to do almost everything from within the interface. You write code and you can instantly run it from within the engine which reduces development time very efficiently,” says Jopacus J Parrott.

“Working with the Stonetrip team was incredible – they are always friendly and give positive feedback on top of handling technical issues. I have already recommended ShiVa3D to everyone who has asked me about 3D engines.”

The game was released for HP webOS in 2010 and also Android and iPhone platforms. It became a top three app on all platforms shortly after release and was at number one in the webOS Hot Apps charts over summer 2010.

The HP Palm PDK Hot Apps Promotion offers developers $1 million in cash or HP Products for applications developed using the webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK), and rewards developers of the most-installed free and highest-revenue paid applications. Awards were determined by each game’s ranking on the PDK Hot Apps Leaderboard between July and the end of September 2010 and range from $1,000 through $10,000 and $50,000 to a single award of $100,000.

“It’s fantastic that Jopacus was able to use ShiVa3D to such good effect,” says Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip. “We’ve always known that ShiVa3D is ideal for this kind of game, but he has done something really special with it and created a milestone game in the mobile market.”
”Crusade Of Destiny is just one example of the enthusiasm this programme has generated in the webOS community,” said Chuq Von Rospach, Community Developer Manager, Palm Global Business Unit, HP. “We’ve had a great response from developers who said they were able to port their apps to webOS easily and quickly, growing the catalogue of quality apps available to our Palm Pre and Pixi users.”

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