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ShiVa extensions, plugins and projects on GitHub

For a few months now, we have been moving all our free plugins, samples and demo builds from the store onto GitHub. You can find us at, or simply visit our self-updating page at

3rd Party Project List

Apart from hosting our own projects, we are also happy to link any of your ShiVa-related GitHub projects on our 3rd party project list, which you can reach at Keep the list growing! You can notify us about your project through our official Slack chat or via support e-mail.

Recent additions

This month alone, 3 projects were added. First up, we have broozar’s WebGL launcher script which converts ShiVa 2.0 HTML5/WebGL exports into pseudo desktop apps by using the various app and kiosk modes of modern desktop browsers. You can find it in the 3rd party project list at

Next up, we have a script that creates a minimal redistributable Linux server package from an existing ShiVa 2.0 editor installation. No longer do you need to upload the entire editor to a remote server just to test your multiplayer code, nor do you need to hunt for dependent libraries for the ShiVa server binary. The project is hosted at

For the third project, we have to thank the creator of Stellar Tactics who discovered an issue with the addition of big numbers in Lua. This issue only concerns exported games, not the editor console or editor extensions. To fix his issue, broozar threw together a quick plugin which takes strings instead of numbers, converts them to longs or doubles, and performs basic mathematic operations on them. You can find this plugin in the 3rd party project list at


Naturally, all our own projects and those listed on our 3rd party project list are open source and free to use. Feel free to try them, fork them and improve them! If you made changes, additions found a bug or found a way to improve the project, please let us know!

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