ShiVa 2.0 feature demo: PBR (WebGL) – ShiVa Engine

ShiVa 2.0 feature demo: PBR (WebGL)

Some weeks ago, we promised you an HTML5 demo of ShiVa 2.0’s newly integrated PBR feature. We finally managed to port the fresh code to our WebGL engine, and so without further ado, please enjoy our demo!
Click and drag the left mouse button to rotate the view. Clicking and dragging the right mouse button will dolly the camera in and out.

Browser Compatibility

The demo has been tested on most browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. You should encounter no problems using Safari 6/7, Chrome 40+, or Opera 28+. Despite our best efforts, the demo does not run on Firefox (Mac or Linux) due to a bug in the current Firefox codebase. A missing GL extension prohibits the renderer from compiling the gun shader correctly. Firefox on Windows seems unaffected from that issue though and works well with the demo. Speaking of Windows, it sadly goes without saying that IE does not support this demo.


The 3D model in this demo was created by Andrew Maximov, while the radiance and irradiance maps were generated using cmftStudio by Dario Manesku.

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