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ShiVa 2.0 Beta 6 released

We are happy to announce the release of ShiVa 2.0 beta 6, which brings a number of new modules, bug fixes, visual improvements and engine updates to our editor!

New Modules

Our module list continues to grow, and this release is no different. We have added many smaller supplementary modules such as SoundBank, AnimBank, PixelMap, RenderMap and Texture editors, waveform displays for Sounds and Music, as well as a Mesh viewer. The two main stars for this release however are the Particle and Trail modules, which allow you to create and modify particle-based effects and polygon-based trails respectively.

Engine Updates

xbox-one-logo-600x300Beta 6 includes important engine updates such as the recompiled SSL/Crypto library, which is now mandatory since Google cut support for Play Store apps using older and potentially insecure versions. In the wake of Microsoft’s push for a unified Windows platform (UWP), we have also expanded our WinRT target to include libraries for Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 and Windows 10. This has very interesting implications for the future, as it will open up the doors for a very low cost entry to all Microsoft platforms including Desktops, Phones and most importantly XBox One. A Proof of Concept video on XBox One development with these new ShiVa libraries will follow in the coming weeks.

VR support

SteamVR3We have also been working on SteamVR/VIVE support for ShiVa 2.0. A first beta plugin for the system is freely available from the ShiVa3DStore. If you have such a device at home or in your studio, we would be very curious to hear how it performs for you and listen to your suggestions on how to improve it!

Visual updates

Along with the new modules, we have reworked some of the editor visuals such as the main icon sets, layouts, code markup colors and gizmo visualization. Please let us know what you think of these changes!

More Betas coming soon

The list of unreleased modules for ShiVa gets shorter and shorter. However, we still have a few big ones in front of us, like the Debugger, the new Material system, and Terrains. We are still determined to have a first public release of ShiVa 2.0 as soon as possible in 2016 and try to keep pace with the rapid beta cycle of the last few months. Please make good use of our bugtracker, as ShiVa’s stability and smooth operation depends a lot on accurate tester feedback. If you have already reported on our system, please check whether your bug has been fixed with the new version and close or bump the threat (add a note) when appropriate.

Download from the beta portal

We ask you once again to download the new beta version from our portal at While we technically could have delivered this update using our in-editor update service, providing fully-features packages guarantees us that everyone is using the same software base, which will make bug reporting and debugging easier for us.

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