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ShiVa 2.0 Beta 5 released

We are happy to announce the release of ShiVa 2.0 beta 5, which brings two new modules and a number of bug fixes and engine updates to ShiVa!

New Modules

The focus of ShiVa 2.0 Beta 5 are the new HUD and Font modules, which means you are now able to open, edit, or create new 2D User Interfaces within ShiVa 2.0. Apart from the cleaner organization of the panels, the new HUD editor also has a very nice new trick up its sleeve. You can now click a new button that allows you to preview HUD actions right within the module, without loading your actual game. This can be a huge time saver, especially if your newly designed HUD only comes up in certain gameplay situations a few hours into the game. You can also test the interaction with the buttons, sliders, checkboxes etc. and trigger their events. When Play is enabled, you can also execute actions from HUD outliner: Simply right-click on an action, then choose “Run”. If the action has to call an argument, a dialog box will pop up and ask for values.
You can even test AIModel interaction: If you send an action to an AI, the editor will report it by telling you “should send AI message: yourvalue”.

Engine Fixes

Sound on tvOS is back. We are sorry for including the wrong engine in beta 4, but this new version should fix the audio issues most of you were experiencing. Touch on WinRT Mobile has also been fixed. Some developers were reporting errors in certain screen corners, those problems should be solved. CYGWIN for BlackBerry and Android compilation on Windows is back too. Although we still recommend compiling those platforms on OSX or Linux where cygwin is not required. Cleaning up the new rendering pipeline continues as well. Especially VR developers will be happy to hear that a shader compilation bug has been fixed that was holding them up.
Those are just a few of the most important fixes we included in beta 5, many of which would have gone unnoticed if it were not for our testers. Thanks to you all!

More Betas coming soon

The list of unreleased modules for ShiVa gets shorter and shorter. However, we still have a few big ones in front of us, like the Debugger, the new Material system, and Terrains. We are still determined to have a first public release of ShiVa 2.0 as soon as possible in 2016 and try to keep pace with the rapid beta cycle of the last few months. Please make good use of our bugtracker, as ShiVa’s stability and smooth operation depends a lot on accurate tester feedback. If you have already reported on our system, please check whether your bug has been fixed with the new version and close or bump the threat (add a note) when appropriate.

Download from the beta portal

We ask you once again to download the new beta version from our portal at While we technically could have delivered this update using our in-editor update service, providing fully-features packages guarantees us that everyone is using the same software base, which will make bug reporting and debugging easier for us.

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