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ShiVa Web Player

The Web Player Target will, unlike all the other targets, not create any standalone game package, but HTML code for your website. You can either upload the HTML page alongside the STK to your website, or embed the code in an existing website.

Include Web Player in Existing Website

You need to add the player JS to the head section of your website:

Then call the player whenever you need it:

Multiple STKs on one website (iFrames)

This is our Example Main.html:

This shows content of element who has id="inline01"

This shows content of element who has id="inline02"

Example iFrame 1

Example iFrame 2

Hosting on Google Sites

  1. Create a Google Site:
  2. Create a new File Cabinet page and upload your files there
  3. Save the direct link of the STK for later
  4. Go to this tutorial to learn about gadget editing
  5. Copy&paste this code on the editor – of course modify it to fit your need, change the link to the stk URL you saved earlier and the player parameters:
  7. Save the script & click on the name of the xml in top right corner of the window. It will open a new window, copy the full link.
  8. Get back to your Google Site, Edit the page, and go to Insert > More Gadget > Add gadget by URL > Add.
  9. Customize the gadget to your need: Display > OK > Save
  10. Save your page, and VOILA

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