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Nav Gupta:” These steps are from ECLIPSE onwards. It is assumed you have already created your android project. We are just going from Eclipse directly, but this is a ShiVa 3D Project inside of eclipse.


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1. Right click on your project inside project explorer and click on New->Folder
2. Select the project folder and in Folder name: type in libs
3. Click and drag the Revmob jar file (revmob-x.x.x.jar) into the libs folder and click on copy file.
4. Right click on the imported revmob-x.x.x.jar file and click on Build Path->Configure Build Path
5. Under Libraries tab, click on Add JARs and find and select that JAR file from the list (Its under your project name->libs->revmob-x.x.x.jar)
6. Click on Order and Export tab and make sure the revmob line is CHECKED OFF!
7. Open your AndroidManifest.xml file and on line 18 copy and paste the following code:

8. Go down in the same file to line 27 and paste the following permissions (NOTE I added one more that was not in video, sorry please add that in as well):

9. Save the file and now open up your app Java file (Located at src->com.yourcompany.yourapp->
10. Expand the import section and on line 81 add the following import:

import com.revmob.RevMob;

11. Go down to line 123 (~133) and add the following variables (CHANGE YOUR APPLCATION ID TO THE SAME ONE ON REVMOB)

private static String APPLICATION_ID = "your_id_here_its_a_long_string"; private RevMob revmob;

12. Go down to line 186 (~225) after the createAsync() inside the onCreate method and paste the following lines:

revmob = RevMob.start(this, APPLICATION_ID); revmob.showFullscreenAd(this);

13. Save and compile app the normal way you would via ant and upon testing your app should now show the revmob full screen ad.
14. Go down to line 440 in the onStart after the super.onStart and add the RevMob loading code there instead of after the createAsync in step 12. This could effect your sales massively as the user will get to see the RevMob ads every time the app is shown rather than once until the user restarts the app again.
15. NOTE: Be sure to make your splash screen a TRANSPARENT PNG FILE or else it will cover up your app.

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