Blender (animated) – ShiVa Engine

Blender (animated)

Your model and armature need to be at pos 0.0.0, rotation 0.0.0 and scale 1.1.1:
Your model needs a root bone at pos 0.0.0, rotation 0.0.0 and scale 1.1.1. ALL bones that do not have parent need to be link to this root bone.
Textures need to be linked with a relative path:
ShiVa animation is at 60 fps standard, so you need to set animation at 60 fps in blender. Don’t forget to start your animation at frame 0 too.
Before export, you need to reset your armature position. This is a common error: If you fail to do this, you will have the armature position posed as frame and your armature structure will be misplaced.

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