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ShiVa3D 1.9 has gone live today!

ShiVa3D 1.9 launches with its eagerly awaited new features in place: C and C++/Cocoa.Objective-C coding, the support for NVIDIA PhysX and F-Mod sounds library and other industry standard plug-ins, the Unified Authoring Tool and Mesh API. ShiVa3D 1.9 aims to give its developers all the tools necessary to create superb 3D games and apps easily and efficiently across desktop, mobile and browser platforms.
The native plug-in support is probably ShiVa3D 1.9’s biggest new feature. It took us months to design, and to make work. Indeed we did not want a simple ‘dlopen/dlsym like’ system, but really an integrated and productive solution, that would be easy to use, and that would work for all target platforms, including the web player. We also wanted the plug-ins to be aware of the game state, in order to make it possible to write an entire game in C++. Finally, we wanted the plug-ins to be able to embed custom assets, packed into the STK file as any other ShiVa3D file.

Some of the new features are long-awaited: the ability for point lights to cast dynamic shadows, parallax bump mapping, and physics compound bodies, for example. We’ve also added some optimisation features such as mesh level frustum culling, static occlusion culling, and even a Script to C++ translator. We also added more than 300 new scripting API functions and constants, and new packages for mesh and video capture device access.
Finally, we now provide what we call ‘ShiVa Device Development Tools’: using the new ShiVa3D Editor built-in web server, it is possible to connect your mobile device and use it as a controller, or choose to download your application directly on the device, bypassing the publishing process, and then accelerating your workflow.
Some of the details of ShiVa3D 1.9 have already been published on the Stonetrip website, but to give you a better idea of the power of its new features, we’re holding a webinar tomorrow, Wednesday November 3. There are two sessions, so hopefully at least one of these will be convenient for your time zone. If you’d like to know more about ShiVa3D 1.9, then sign up to hear and see Stonetrip CEO Philip Belhassen take you on a tour: the link to the session at 11.00am CET* is here and you can sign up to the session at 19:00 CET* here
Whether you attend the webinar or not, we’d love to hear what you think of ShiVa3D 1.9. Let us know how you get on in our developer forums [link to /forum/].
*Morning session takes place at 10.00 GMT (UK), 11.00 CET (Europe), 06.00 EDT (US east coast), 03.00 PDT (US west coast).
Evening session takes place at 18:00 GMT (UK), 19:00 CET (Europe), 14:00 EDT (US east coast), 11:00 PDT (US west coast).
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