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HTML5 Showcase

HTML5_256ShiVa 2.0 allows you to export your game to HTML5/WebGL. You can use it to engage your customers with interactive 3D applications, showcase your latest 3D models, preview the products on your store, or even run entire multilevel games directly in the browser! Since we have built it around open, cross-platform standards, ShiVa HTML5 will run on any WebGL-enabled browser, be it at home on the PC or Mac, on the move on your phone, sitting on a couch with a tablet, or even on your TV through an Android streaming box. No matter where you are or which device you are using, as long as it has a fairly modern browser, you will be able to run ShiVa’s HTML5 content. No plugins required.

Click on the images below to try some of our recent demos!

ShiVa’s HTML5 engine is also at the heart of our ChromeOS port. Check out our latest videos to see how seamless it all integrates into the system:

Latest ShiVa HTML5 articles

We regularly post new tutorials and articles about ShiVa’s HTML5 exporter on our blog.

HTML5 Anywhere: ShiVa WebGL on localhost

One of ShiVa’s biggest strengths has always been its cross-platform nature. No matter if desktops, mobiles or game consoles, if it exists, chances are that there is a ShiVa engine port for it. And if you are running an OS or processor off the beaten path, you can always try HTML5/WebGL. Web distribution might not be what you had in mind though… Maybe there are ways to make your web application fit for offline distribution!Read more …

ShiVa 2.0 feature demo: PBR (WebGL)

Some weeks ago, we promised you an HTML5 demo of ShiVa 2.0’s newly integrated PBR feature. We finally managed to port the fresh code to our WebGL engine, and so without further ado, please enjoy our demo!Read more …

ShiVa HTML5: JavaScript Interaction

With the latest ShiVa 2.0 beta 2, you can take advantage of our greatly improved HTML5/WebGL engine, which now sports IE11 and gamepad support, better performance, and canvas resizing among other enhancements. The feature we want to talk about in this tutorial is the new JavaScript (JS) bridge that allows your ShiVa games to communicate with the sites they are embedded on.Read more …

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