Happy Holidays 2016! ShiVa 2.0 beta 8 is ready – ShiVa Engine

Happy Holidays 2016! ShiVa 2.0 beta 8 is ready

Dear ShiVa Community, we are happy to announce the release of ShiVa 2.0 Beta 8, just in time for the holiday season! This beta contains numerous fixes and improvements to the engine as well as one of the last big editor modules: The Lua script debugger has arrived! We hope that you will enjoy this latest Beta over the holidays and give us lots of feedback on our forums and bugtracker.

Beta 8 features

The new debugger module makes it easy for you to check the state of your code at breakpoints. Once a breakpoint is triggered, you can read the current values of local and AIModel member variables, all listed neatly in a separate Debugger panel. Naturally, the debugger also includes common step in/out/over functionality as well.


The exporters have also been in focus for beta 8. Starting with this release, you can now once again build signed IPAs and APKs directly from within the editor, without wrestling with Xcode or Android Studio yourself. Since we are still experimenting with this, please do report all problems you run into with the signed exporters.

The editor interface also received a good bit of attention. For instance, it is now possible to freely rearrange tabs. Along with the numerous bugfixes and a handful of new little buttons all over the editor dialogues, we hope you will enjoy the new level of refinement in the UI.

tab animation

The WebGL/HTML5 engine has also been improved and now supports a persistent local cache and (environment) save data support on modern browsers. By the way, we have had very little feedback regarding plugins for this platform on beta 7, so please let us know for beta 8 how your experience with HTML5 plugins is!

And lastly, MacOS now finally has a 64bits ShiVa engine too. If you are a plugin developer, please make sure you compile Universal Binary versions of your dylibs, in order to cover all your bases.

More Betas coming soon

With the debugger, we are shipping one of the last missing big modules for ShiVa 2.0. The last major missing module is the terrain editor, along with some smaller ones like XML, Animation and Movies. Unfortunately, we did not manage to ship a feature-complete beta in 2016, which has been our plan originally, and we must apologize for this new delay. The next beta is scheduled for Q1 2017, which we will be hard at work after the holidays. It should contain the missing terrain module as well as a first testable version of the PBR material system. From there, it will only be a small step to a feature complete release candidate.

linux installer

The Linux Editor now has a new universal installation routine, which we would very much like you to test. Once you have unpacked the .tar archive from our server, please have a look at the included README file and then run the install.sh script as root.

module listAs always, you can download the new beta version from our portal at beta.shivaengine.com. For beta 8, we ask you once again to make good use of our bugtracker, as ShiVa’s stability and smooth operation depends a lot on accurate tester feedback. If you have already reported on our system, please check whether your bug has been fixed with the new version and close or bump the threat (add a note) when appropriate.

ShiVa 2016 in review

2016 was a good year for ShiVa development, despite our new delay. We released 4 betas and numerous hotfix engines this year. The editor has been expanded to include HUD, SoundBank, AnimBank, PixelMap, RenderMap, Texture, Sound/Music, Material, Mesh, Particles, Trails, as well as Plugin modules. Latest industry trends like VR support have been added through plugins. The multiplayer architecture has been completely rewritten, so the old 1.9.2 server could finally retire. All engines have received major heart surgery in order to support new platforms, most notably UWP, VS14, Xbox One, AS 2.2 and Android 6/7, tvOS, HTML5/WebGL, MacOS 64bit, and of course iOS 10 with the latest Xcode. The editor is now native 64bit on every desktop OS, with the choice of a 32bit Windows editor as an option for 32bit plugin compatibility.

We are very confident that the last few remaining modules will be added relatively soon, so that we will be able to ship a feature complete beta before mid-2017. The end of beta development is definitely in sight!

We wish you all a happy Holiday time and a successful 2017!

The ShiVa Development Team

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