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Plugins and samples that do not make it into the main ShiVa installer end up on GitHub as free and open source software that you can download and try out for yourself. These projects are often either community-driven or have started out with suggestions by community members. If you feel like contributing, please fork the project, do your modifications, and give us a heads up about the improvements you made!

Recently updated repositories

shiva_githubProjectList A list of ShiVa-related 3rd party projects on GitHub and similar sites
shiva_server_cli_minimal Script for packaging a minimal ShiVa CLI Server on Linux
shiva_inputTesters A collection of small apps for testing input devices
shiva_resource_materials1 A set of 20 standard ShiVa materials
shiva_ai_tweener User AI for smooth transitions
shiva_plugin_mfi A plugin that lets you use Apple-certified MFI controllers with your ShiVa games
shiva192_book Shando's legendary ShiVa Book for ShiVa 1.8 to 1.9.2
shiva_flash_demoXML 2012 demo of ShiVa Flash <-> XML/PHP interaction to send high scores
shiva_flash_demoJS 2012 demo of Engine <-> Flash interaction through JS
shiva_flash_demoAS3 2012 demo of ShiVa <-> Flash AS3 interaction
shiva192editor_sample_classicAdditional This repo contains a collection of classic ShiVa 1.5 to 1.9 demos from the years 2006 to 2011
shiva192editor_sample_classic This repo contains a collection of classic ShiVa 1.9.2 demos that came pre-installed with the editor
shiva20editor_example_binaryModules Example demonstrating the use of DLL, DYLIB and SO modules inside the ShiVa 2.0 Editor, C++/Lua integration
shiva_plugin_steamworks Steam SDK integration for Shiva 3D game engine.


Most of the projects you find in our repositories are licensed in a similar way. The Lua code inside ShiVa AIs, our C++ plugin code, scripts and instructions are usually MIT, meaning that permission is granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy, to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software. However, all the art assets carry the restrictive copyright of their respective owners and may not be used in public projects without written permission of their owners. If 3rd party code, libraries, assets etc, are involved (e.g. SteamWorks, LEAP, Apple frameworks), you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the respective copyrights, EULAs, etc.

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