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Made with ShiVa

ShiVa has been used for an astounding number of games and applications over the years, both by big publishers and small indie studios alike. We simply could not list all the fun, high-quality games made with our software during its run, so we decided on listing a few high-profile games that have been released in recent years. Enjoy our games showcase, and maybe try one or the other!

Stellar Tactics

Atomic Ninjas

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

Babel Rising 3D

Non Flying Soldiers

Naught & Naught 2

Voodoo Dice

HTML5 Showcase

HTML5_256ShiVa 2.0 allows you to export your game to HTML5/WebGL. You can use it to engage your customers with interactive 3D applications, showcase your latest 3D models, preview the products on your store, or even run entire multilevel games directly in the browser! Since we have built it around open, cross-platform standards, ShiVa HTML5 will run on any WebGL-enabled browser, be it at home on the PC or Mac, on the move on your phone, sitting on a couch with a tablet, or even on your TV through an Android streaming box. No matter where you are or which device you are using, as long as it has a fairly modern browser, you will be able to run ShiVa’s HTML5 content. No plugins required. Visit our dedicated HTML5 gallery page to try some of our recent demos!

Used in Hundreds of Indie Titles

ShiVa is not only for big studios. Our Engine powers hundreds of successful Indie and Hobby projects. Among those projects are: Monkey Drum DeluxePaper RacingBlock Rockin’Dust Offroad RacingBob OrangeChain3DuDribbleThe Toy FactoryVNurseFurious WheelZombie TrenchesKhaamZombilutionPoker With BobAeon RacerReturn of the BotsBAA! RunDexterityTexting Of The BreadLaws and Rules in WarPutkiDeath Cop – Mechanical UnitPinballYeah!Babelgum GoCrusade of DestinyWelcome To HellBarbariansSavage Tiger FighterAaargPimplesSpinCycleShootout HeroStation DefenseBaji Heroic DuoiBox3DAbaBallsABABA MonstersClassic GPSurf ProdigyUniversal StormRecycle MeVoyager XDrive Roman ForumPanda’s Puzzle BlastTaichi Kungfu 8/16 FormsColdplay Strawberry SwingTAG Heuer – Monaco V4HortisCrosakBaji KungfuPirate WingsPocket FishGravitonLight GameDinky ballBardonecchia 3D SkiMapBoGiDart RageReapers slotsArcana: Spell DuelBellum: TacticsVYFightCastleGuard 2MonkeyBlindSlatsIpopetz PandaParty Kit 7M Handball Contest Kingdom SkullsCastleGuard Astrosphere Klondike BattleiBall3DArchVIZ 3D InteractiveJAN 3D InteractiveCorvin OfficeTiny Planet ExplorerSchool ComplexNancy project: Grand coeurMetz-Borny City projectArchi’RealTaitboutSuper Vach’KartMontauban Virtual TourPinBallYeahNesquik RaceSimuBaby“Olympique Lyonnais” 3D StadiumLinus & BoomRolland Garros 3D StadiumTamkariBrukkonGreeka

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