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ShiVa Flash Exporter in BETA testing

Stonetrip kicks off April 2012 with the new BETA program for their latest development version of their Unified Authoring Tool (UAT). Its greatest new feature is the addition of the Flash 11 Exporter. Developers know that this is not “just another” platform, it is the hottest exporter web game developers have been waiting for. The Flash exporter enables you to reach millions of new customers across all the 3 major Desktop Operating Systems – Windows, Mac, Linux – without forcing the user to install yet another player software on their machines. And the new UAT makes the transition from the ShiVa Editor to your browser as effortlessly as it could be.


See for yourself what the the Flash Exporter could do for your games. We compiled 4 of our current samples into SWF files, without changing a single line of code. Simply click on the images below to run the games.

Let’s add some Salt

But the Flash exporter is not the only item that has its debut with the new UAT beta. For the first time, you will also be able to export to the Google Native Client, or NaCl for short. The new Unified Authoring Tool can generate CRX Application Packages that will run as native application inside any chrome browser, let it be Windows, Mac or Linux. The new Unified Authoring Tool beta comes with everything you need – precompiled. It could not be easier!

Available to all ShiVa Licensees

What are you still waiting for? Head over to the Stonetrip ShiVa BETA website and get your hands on the brand-new Unified Authoring Tool today!

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