Basics: Registration

ShiVa license registration is handled using both the editor itself and the UAC website.

Table of Contents

License and Registration

ShiVa has 3 license types: Web, Basic and Advanced. Prior to ShiVa 2.0, these licenses were linked to their own installers and distinct versions of the ShiVa Editor. This is no longer the case: All licenses use the same editor package. The different functionalities will be unlocked dynamically depending on your license.

License Purchase

ShiVa Web Edition is a free download and requires no license purchase. Registration is still required. Before ShiVa allows you to work, you need to to to our license management website and register your name and email address, even if you only intend to use the free WEB edition.

Online Verification

Every time you start the ShiVa Editor, it tries to connect to our registration server in order to verify your license. If you are not connected to the internet, you can still work with your editor for up to 14 days without restrictions, after which it will revert to "Web" functionality and disable commercial exports for all but the Web targets. As soon as you connect to the internet again, your license will be verified, which unlocks your editor once more.

ShiVa 1.9 license update note

Every user who purchased a ShIVa 1.9 license after Jan 1st 2012 is eligible for a free ShiVa 2.0 upgrade. Your license should have been transferred to our new license server automatically. However, we could not recover your password. Please go to our license website and request a password reset: uac/Forgotten. Your Email address is the same you used for your 1.9 license. E-mails and passwords for ShiVa 1.x user accounts can only be changed through ShiVa staff. Please contact ShiVa support if you need to restore your account.

License Management

First Start

When ShiVa starts for the first time, you will be greeted with the registration window. Please log in with your email address and password:

In case you have lost your password, you can recover it through the license website uac/Forgotten.

Licenses you purchased will be listed in the following dropdown box. Web licenses are free and can always be registered, Basic and Advanced licenses must be purchased through the online store.

In the last step, you will be asked to confirm your registration and choose an upgrade channel. If you have not subscribed to special early access and beta releases, the "Release" channel will be your only option.



In order to migrate a license from one machine to another, you first need to "free"/unregister the old license. This is possible from both the license management website as well as the very machine the license was previously tied to. You can find the button to do this in the Settings dialogue:

After a license has been freed, it will appear in the upper dropdown. You can now register a new machine with this license.

If you cannot unregister from your old machine, please contact our support team for a manual reset. Please have your original invoice ready, so we can verify your license claim.