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Case Study: KUMOON

KUMOON has been a constant companion on the ShiVa news feed for the last few months, our ShiVa user forum, and a driving power behind the development of the Polyglot, SteamWorks and SteamVR plugins for ShiVa. After KUMOON’s successful release on STEAM earlier this year, it seemed only fitting that we sat down with designer Read the full article …

Case Study: TYLER

A few weeks ago, TYLER has been released by Illusionetwork to PC via STEAM. It caught our attention for its great looks and fun, family-friendly gameplay, so we asked Fabrizio Terranova, head of the studio, to give us an interview and talk about his latest creation.

Case Study: Save Charlie

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day (May 3rd), Cazap invites you to discover an intense action game in which you protect the journalist Charlie from the ink monsters. Let’s talk with Jean-Brice Cazenove and ShiVa-veteran Julien Pierron about games and politics, JP plugins in game development, and free-to-play charity games.

Case Study: Turbo Rocket Games

Turbo Rocket Games have released a steady stream of animal simulation titles over the last few months, ranging from lions, wolves and tigers to elephants, sharks and most recently dinosaurs – to quite a bit of success, as the download figures demonstrate. This made us quite curious…

Case Study: Join the Pack

Juan Belón Pérez from xixgames just released his new mobile title “Join the Pack”. Faced with the sudden gain in free time, he agreed on an interview with us, where he gives you insight into the genesis of this beautiful herding game and reveals some of his networking secrets along the way. Enjoy!

Case Study: Naught 2

Hello Miguel, and welcome back to our blog! Your latest game Naught 2 has just been released for iOS and Android, congratulations! Apparently, it is a successor to the critically acclaimed Naught that you developed over a year ago. How did you go about making a great game even better? I think we have managed Read the full article …

Game Release: Prince of Persia

This July, Prince of Persia® The Shadow and the Flame has been released for iOS and Android devices. It is a remake of the classic game Prince of Persia 2, reinvented for the touch screen, enhanced with with an overhauled combat system and spectacular 3D graphics. Did you also know that this game was developed Read the full article …

Case Study: Rejected Games

Rejected Games, a young Polish game developer, use ShiVa in two of their upcoming projects: the multiplayer cross-platform action game Cutting Edge Arena and Bonsai Benchmark, a graphics benchmark application for mobile devices.

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