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stbetaTired of waiting for stable releases? Are you feeling adventurous and would like to try out new and exciting things? Switch your release channel to Beta and be the first to get your hands on fascinating new technology! Your feedback will allow us to create products that match your requests. This program is only available to BASIC and ADVANCED users. If you have purchased any ShiVa license after Jan 1st 2012, you are invited to download the installer package from this page and take part in the testing phase.

As of Feburary 2019, our old beta page is being phased out. Separate login credentials for will no longer be required. Starting with May 2019, the store login on is separate from your ShiVa license. ShiVa 2.0 licenses, betas and downloads are now handled exclusively through either the editor itself (machine de/activation) or our new license website (machine deactivation, account management).

ShiVa Editor 2.0 Beta features

The current modules of ShiVa 2.0 are live and ready for testing:

– ShiVa 2.0 base framework
– Log module
– Game module
– Console module
– Authoring module
– Navigator module
– Script Editor module
– Module Explorer module
– Project Explorer module
– AIModel module
– Scene Viewer/Attributes Editor/Ambience Editor combination module
– Android Studio support
– tvOS plugins and TV touch remote support
– high performance Qt5-powered Editor UI
– HUD module
– Font module
– Texture module
– Rendermap/Pixelmap settings editor
– Mesh viewer
– Sound/Music waveform rendering and preview playback
– Particle module
– Trails module
– SoundBank module
– AnimClip module
– TextureClip editor
– engine plugin module
– new ShiVa server (you need to recompile the client too)
– (partial) HTML5 plugin support
– Win10 UWP/VS2015 support
– Material module with 1.9.2 material support (PBR coming later)
– script debugger
– first batch of tutorials and samples
– profiler module

Installation and migration instructions

The ShiVa 2.0 beta is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. When you first start ShiVa, you will be prompted to register your software again. Registration is now mandatory, even for the free Web Edition. If you own a license newer than Jan 1st 2012, we have already transferred it to new 2.0 license server. Web licenses can be activated from within the editor, Basic and Advanced licenses must be purchased. Your username (= email address) and password for the editor are identical to the license management system which you can reach through the left button above.

If you have used a ShiVa beta version before, we highly recommend deleting the ShiVa cache and settings folders BEFORE your first start. You can find them under:

Microsoft Windows C:/Users/your_username/AppData/Local/ShiVa
Apple macOS /Users/your_username/Library/Application Support/ShiVa
GNU/Linux /home/your_username/.shiva

When working with 1.9.2 projects, please ALWAYS WORK FROM BACKUP PROJECT. Once a project file has been opened, changed and saved in 2.0, it is unlikely that you will be able to continue working in 1.9.2 on the same file!

Furthermore, you should delete the BUILD, CACHE and SAVES folders from your duplicated projects before importing them into ShiVa 2.0.

Current betas often require shaders to be rebuilt, please make sure you clear the old shader cache (Game properties > Edit > Clear shader cache) before testing your games, otherwise you might get unexpected performance drops.


Console Engines

Console engine are available without any additional cost with every ShiVa and Advanced license, but access is restricted to registered console developers. Please contact us if you are a registered console developer and require the password.

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